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The Western Trade Coast Business Directory is the perfect solution for businesses looking to increase their visibility and attract more customers. Our innovative platform combines effective marketing strategies with a comprehensive directory listing to connect you with your target audience.

Our directory features a wide range of trades and services, making it easier for potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. By listing your business with us, you’ll enjoy greater exposure and reach, ensuring that you’re always top of mind when customers need your services.

At the WTCBD, we understand the importance of targeted marketing. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that your business is seen by the right people, at the right time. We help you reach your ideal customer on the western trade coast strip.


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We make it easy for big industry companies to find your business by promoting listings direct to them, on services they are looking for.  

With your custom profile directory listing, it provides all the information on your skills, expertise and location direct to your client. 

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The Western Trade Coast Information and Connection Hub bringing together partners from all organisations to work together and build business relationships.

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Industry Players

Big Industry Players across all sectors are searching for your services, and our directory places you directly in their sites.  Be found where they are looking for you.

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In addition to helping you find local suppliers, our directory also provides valuable information on each listed business, including their services, products, and specialities.

Don’t go random searching when you can find exactly who you need, right here on the western trade coast.



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Business Directory

WTC Business Network

Welcome to the Western Trade Coast Business Network, a platform that unites businesses of all industries and service levels with the goal of enhancing connections between those seeking opportunities and industry leaders committed to supporting local suppliers.

Unlike traditional business networks or associations, we are not limited by location or membership criteria, we’re open to all Western Trade Coast members eager to collaborate, whether in Defence, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy sector like Lithium, or Hydrogen, Westport and Logistics, or any other burgeoning field. We’re here to bridge the gap, bringing opportunities to your doorstep.

The Western Trade Coast Business Network offers a tailored platform for forging connections with diverse businesses from a variety of industries throughout the Western Trade Coast region of Western Australia.

Whether it be Industrial, Marine, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, Logistics & Transportation, Renewable Energy or Technology & Innovation.

Our business directory is purpose-built to elevate businesses, ensuring they gain visibility among significant industrial players inclusive of Western Australia. 

We define ‘LOCAL’ as being within the WA state border.

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Member Introduction:

Andy Taylor: Building Approvals Made Easy
Taylored Certification Services (known as TCSPilbara) specialises in certification services for a wide range of building classes and types, both for proposed and completed construction projects. Their expertise covers everything from formalising existing building construction to ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia, even in cases where building permit exemptions apply. They offer certification services and informed advice tailored to your unique requirements.

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Western Trade Coast Supplier of choice

Navigating the Industry Gatekeepers: How to Become the Supplier of Choice on the Western Trade Coast

Becoming the supplier of choice within the Western Trade Coast’s thriving industrial landscape requires dedication, strategy, and compliance. Mid-sized businesses that prioritize building compliance foundations, crafting stellar business profiles, forging strategic partnerships, embracing technology, and establishing personal connections can navigate the procurement gatekeepers and secure their place in the supply chain.

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We acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the original custodians of this country, recognising their connection to the land, waters and community. We respect their cultures and Elders, past and present. Ngala kaaditj Whadjuk moort keyen kaadak nidja boodja – We acknowledge Whadjuk Noongar people as the original custodians of the land on which the western trade coast is based.