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Avertas Energy is a practical solution to two big community challenges:

  • Disposing of significant quantities of household rubbish
  • Providing additional secure and uninterrupted (baseload) renewable energy
    Located in the heart of the Kwinana Industrial Area, south of Perth, Avertas Energy will use world-class technologies to process 400,000 tonnes per year of residual (post recycling) waste, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and delivering 36MW of baseload electricity to the grid.

These outcomes are the equivalent of taking 85,000 cars off Perth’s roads and powering 50,000 Perth households every year.

Avertas Energy will receive household waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill, occupying valuable productive land and producing a range of harmful greenhouse gases.

Avertas Energy will use tried and tested moving grate combustion technology already operational in more than 2,000 similar waste-to-energy facilities around the world.

Avertas Energy is the first facility in Australia to integrate recovery and reuse of waste with the generation of energy to deliver renewable baseload power.

Avertas Energy believes waste-to-energy can act as an essential and integral part of a larger urban waste management strategies and systems, as the process of Recovery complements the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycling) that underpin most modern waste management strategies.

Once fully commissioned, Avertas Energy will not only process residential waste for energy recovery, it will produce ash by-products which are used internationally for construction materials, and recover over 6,000 tonnes per year of recyclable metals not normally recovered by other means.

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Waste-to-energy is recognised as part of the overall solution to achieve zero landfill objectives sought by communities and governments around the world.

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