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Leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener planet.

In today’s industrial landscape, decarbonisation looms large as both a challenge and an opportunity. Chris Oughton, brings invaluable expertise to the table, focusing squarely on this critical trend. With a pragmatic approach, Chris acknowledges the inevitability of decarbonisation and its profound impact on businesses and Industry. Chris Oughton and Associates redefine industrial norms and align companies with sustainability goals. Leveraging his PhD research, Chris offers objective strategies for navigating this shifting terrain, from precinct design to corporate sustainability. It’s not just theory—it’s a practical roadmap for thriving in the new industrial era.

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Leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener planet.

Green-field Industrial Precinct Planning

We specialise in defining and exploring the key influencing factors essential for the long-term success of green-field industrial precincts. From attraction strategies to infrastructure planning, we provide comprehensive guidance to ensure your precinct thrives from the outset.

Industrial Symbiosis

Need strategies to make this happen in your industrial precinct?And, what is Industrial Symbiosis anyway?If you need help to initiate or expand IS in your precinct, our team can advise you where to start or how to energise your journey.  We can facilitate that experience and whilst doing so, provide you with the foundation and knowledge, enabling you to confidently move forward to future success.

Consultation Services

If you’re uncertain about the direction for your industrial project, considering setting up a new precinct, or need advice on renewable energy projects, we can assist. With our extensive background in creating sustainable industrial communities, optimising industrial areas, and leading discussions on decarbonisation and renewable energy, our team can offer valuable insights, guidance and practical solutions.

Offering expertise in stakeholder engagement, ensuring all relevant parties are actively involved and their voices heard throughout the planning and implementation process. Furthermore, we provide tailored policy development services aimed at supporting sustainable development and growth within industrial precincts. Additionally, we offer infrastructure assessment to evaluate existing infrastructure and identify opportunities for enhancement or expansion to meet the evolving needs of industrial residents. Chris Oughton and Associates provide expert guidance on integrating sustainability practices into day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning.

Past Projects:

Kwinana Industries Council

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