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Industrial Symbiosis (IS)

IS engages an Industrial Ecosystem of diverse industrial organisations and society in a network to foster eco-innovation for mutual benefit based on Natural Ecosystem principles.  This type of symbiosis could be much more than mere by-product exchanges between industries co-located or geographically close to each other.  It is the result of developed relationships between the partners of different industries involved, which allow sharing of information, risks, and benefits. Because of this process, outcomes such as ‘reputation’, ‘licence to operate’, ‘market opportunities’, ‘innovation’ emerge as intangibles in addition to quantifiable economic and environmental benefits.  Some of these intangible social benefits essentially lead to economic benefits (in other terms, economic sustainability).  IS is viewed as a framework to achieve CE and decarbonisation in Europe, and Environmental Wisdom is helping to achieve this in Australia.

Circular Economy (CE)

There are several major schools of thought around CE, they are the Industrial ecology of Reid Lifset and Thomas Graedel; and Biomimicry by Janine Benyus; Natural Capitalism by Amory and Hunter Lovins and Paul Hawken and the Blue economy systems approach by Gunter Pauli.  Others are, Performance economy, by Walter Stahel; “An industrial system that is restorative or regenerative by intention and design”, by Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation.  One thing is sure, if society is to move towards CE, we all need to do our bit to reduce our reliance on the world’s finite resources.  At Environmental Wisdom we are helping our clients to be CE champions!

Carbon Accounting and Management (CAM)

Reducing the output of greenhouse gas emissions is one of the most critical responses to climate stability. It plays a critical role in implementing the climate commitments. Environmental Wisdom helps clients by providing strategic advice and practical support to:

  • Define and manage organisational carbon footprint and analysis of current scenario.
  • Identify and implement process efficiencies.
  • Assist in finding low carbon products and services.
  • Implement sustainable solutions using regenerative practices.
  • Set meaningful targets for achieving biodiversity, using Nature based Solutions.
About Us


Solutions for a Healthy and Regenerative Planet

We partner with you to create a sustainable future, offering consultations to empower your business and address environmental and infrastructure challenges together.

We specialise in circular economy consulting, collaborating with Australian businesses and regions to enhance sustainability and cut carbon emissions, fortifying the path to a resilient future. We simplify complexities to achieve tangible, eco-friendly outcomes, all while championing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our central focus lies in the Circular Economy, where we guide businesses in conserving natural resources and boosting their value. We empower Australian businesses to excel, capturing more market share while shrinking their environmental footprint.

With a focus on industrial activities, IRM is a practice that directs modern thinking towards sustainable resource management, and it considers elements such as:

  • whether a certain product is really needed
  • how a product can be designed to maximise functionality
  • how a product’s negative environmental impacts can be minimised through life cycle assessment methodology.


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 9pm - 5pm

Social Networks