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About Us

“Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is Your Partner in Business”

Our Mission

We aim to connect, unite and grow a successful and vibrant business community that builds on Fremantle’s characteristics and unique competitive advantage.

The Fremantle Chamber champions policies and strategies that improve the business environment in Fremantle, enhance community prosperity and develop a sustainable mix of business and lifestyle opportunities for Fremantle’s future.

We act as an advocate for the business community, a conduit for information and a promoter of Fremantle’s position in the regional landscape.

Our Membership

The Chamber is growing. We currently have over 300 members, ranging from major corporate organisations to the smallest micro-business with everything in between. We are the largest community organisation in Fremantle. Members of the Chamber are typically Fremantle people who love the place, with many of them living and working here, as well as doing business. The Chamber’s membership employs over 5,000 people, and the business community contributes more than 50% of the annual rates collected by the City.

The Fremantle Chamber of Commerce is focused on the economic development across our region to build and sustain strong business activity and growth.​

As an advocate for our member businesses, Fremantle Chamber was established in 1873 to provide a concerted voice for shippers, traders and merchants of the early colony, and has been part of the fabric of the Fremantle region for well over a century and is committed to its future.​

The Chamber is the oldest chamber of commerce in Western Australia and the second oldest chamber in Australia

Fremantle has an eclectic mix of economic sectors including one of the State’s major tourism destinations, main street retail and commercial centre, a key hub for port, marine, trade and logistics, a University town, an innovative industrial zone and a centre of creative economies. ​

Fremantle is important to the heritage of our State and a wonderful place to work and live.​

For Fremantle, a robust business sector is a conduit to develop its economy and workforce and grow its community.​

FCC is about building on our collective strengths to make Fremantle and its region a better place to do business.


Fremantle is a port city founded on commerce and trade. The Chamber has been promoting prosperity in Fremantle for 150 years. We represent a multitude of different industry sectors, and advocate strongly for the growth of Fremantle through a series of leadership initiatives. We offer the opportunity to build business networks and enjoy the hospitality for which Fremantle is famed. We assist exporters and agents to get their products to market and achieve economic benefit under a variety of free trade agreements.