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Case Study: Omega Manufacturing Group
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Australian companies are proving they can compete on a global scale with the right niche products, manufactured to a high standard. 
Wodonga-based advanced manufacturer Omega Manufacturing Group has been transforming its CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing facility using automation and vertical integration, allowing for end-to-end production of precision parts for a range of industries.
Emma Forbes, the Finance and Commercial Support Manager at Omega Manufacturing Group, highlights the company's multifaceted operations. The company provides subcontracting services under the Omega Technical Engineering banner while simultaneously developing their own proprietary product line, Ross Performance Parts, for the after-market high performance automotive sector.

“It’s not about reducing headcount, or downsizing the workforce, but rather, it’s about using the skilled people we have to undertake high-value tasks instead of the mundane loading and unloading of machines. Manufacturing requires high-capital investment, so we are optimising usage to get the most productivity we can out of those investments.”

RSM is helping Omega Manufacturing Group take significant strides in advancing their business. 

Their proactive approach includes tapping into the R&D tax incentive since FY20, as well as securing successful grant applications for both the Made in Victoria Manufacturing Growth Program (in 2023) and the Victorian Technology Adoption and Innovation Program (in 2021).

These initiatives are centred around strategic investments in additional capital equipment to facilitate the transition towards automation, bolstering the workforce and maintaining a steadfast commitment to ongoing research and development. Notably, a substantial R&D project is underway, enabling a direct performance comparison between their product and the leading US market counterpart. “With the right product, and data-driven validation, we have the ability to compete on a global scale,” she said.

About Us

RSM Australia Pty Ltd - Business Advice for the Manufacturing Sector

Operational Performance. Investment. Risk Management and Compliance.

Manufacturing remains critically important to both the developing and the advanced world. 

In many countries the sector is in a state of transition: growing in emerging economies; shrinking but becoming more productive in advanced economies. Some markets compete on cost, others on technology and innovation.

At RSM Australia, we continue to act as the trusted advisor for manufacturing businesses of all sectors, who are looking to commercialise new products and expand into new global markets, through to established listed manufacturing businesses. 


Combining our global industry knowledge, deep resources, and personalised service, we offer solutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximise profitability.


Tom Huberli is a National Principal of RSM Australia and Manager of the Rockingham office representing the firm in the Peel and Rockingham-Kwinana (PaRK) region. Along with his great local team of advisors in PaRK, Tom has Manufacturing and Defence industry expertise support from RSM offices across the state and nationally. He and this extensive team have a wide array and strong experience in the sector.

The team in Rockingham can assist with businesses from ground up with our Strategic Outsource (SO) service which, among other functions, includes data entry support, payroll and account reconciliation, management reporting to assist you in understanding your financial performance day-to-day all the way through to annual financial reports and tax returns that are respected by banks, investors and other key stakeholders you may have and who make decisions based upon them.

As you know, getting your profit margins right through both cost management and revenue setting and collection, is vital for the manufacturing industry. We can assist you to keep an eye on this through quality data management and reporting.

Our ethos is, feet on factory floor. We love getting out of our offices and seeing how you do things on site!

The other expertise that we can assist your Manufacturing business with, through our state and national office networks, are things like Tax R&D Incentives and Grants, Cyber Security Risk Management, Corporate Finance for upscaling and business valuations and much more.


Specialising in:

Manufacturing, Defence, Property & Construction, Agribusiness

Opening Hours

8.30am -5pm , Monday to Friday