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SMT Rockingham - Block D Roof & Window Replacement

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Scope: SMT Rockingham - Block D Roof & Window Replacement

Issued by Programmed Facility Management

Ref: RFTPRO9523


Programmed Facility Management Pty Ltd (PFM) on behalf of Department of Finance (DOF) and Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) are seeking quotes from suitably qualified and experienced contractors to undertake roof and window replacement works at South Metro TAFE – Rockingham Campus.

Critical to your submission is a detailed delivery approach and sufficient site coverage (100%) and supervision of  works by key personnel.

The Work includes but is not limited to

Preliminaries. demolition Cladding , insulation
Fixing and Sealing Windows and Glazing
Structural Steel works Cladding
Building works, Metal works Waterproofing

Tenderers shall make themselves familiar with the existing site conditions, the specifications, drawings and all Contract documentation.  All measurements and details shown on drawings or other documents (if any) are to be confirmed by Tenderers prior to submission of their Quote.

All materials and installation shall be supplied and be in accordance with Australian Standards and all codes and regulations relevant to the Scope of Work contained herein.

CLOSING DATE: Thu, 8 Aug 2024 at 2:00PM Perth, Western Australia

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