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Teck Design and Marketing


Web Design, Graphic Design, Media management, Marketing & Promotion

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Training Portals, Induction Videos,




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9-5 Monday to Friday

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We are a locally based – globally focused Web Design & Digital Marketing agency. We are Teck Design and Marketing.  Starting with a Digital Strategy to map out and connect your clients to your business, website, and social accounts to meet your end goals. Your digital strategy that together  an grow your business and build your online profile. We work with tradies, businesses in any Industry and individuals wanting to elevate their profile. Call us today for a free discovery call or visit our website.

We also custom design Induction videos, training videos and build the website portals so your staff can view online.

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Specialising in:

Tradies, Construction, Building and Industry projects. Digital Strategy

Past Projects:

WTC Business Directory, Kwinana Industries Council

Opening Hours

9-5 Monday to Friday

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